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A Buz Watson Original restored by Vintage Vibe!

For sale - a beautifully restored 1972 (Week 14) Buz Watson Stage Piano.

Vintage Vibe acquired this piano from the proverbial old grandfather owner. It did not not need much serious restoration but what we gave it was just the right sauce to bring it back to life for another 30 years. We started with a new sleek look by replacing the tolex and hardware. Once inside we restored the harp frame, polished the pickups and replaced a number of tines to achieve a nice even scale of sustain. We replaced the damper felts and hammer tips (angled black tips) and added tone bar clips.

Our main man, Fred Dileone, set the piano up with proper key balance height dip and escapement and then installed the Miracle Mod action enhancer to bring out a fast light action. If you like a Fender Rhodes piano that oooo's with love but then bark like a ferrule dog when pushed than this is the piano for you.

Who is Buz Watson? find out here!

Read our Fender Rhodes Restoration Mission Statement


  • Fender Rhodes


  • Buz Watson


  • 1972


  • 73


  • Vintage Vibe Passive


  • 45" x 10" x 34"


  • 150 lbs


  • Legs, Cross Bars, Sustain Pedal + Rod


  • Brand new black Fender style


  • Early Style


  • ooooo's to ferrule bark
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