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Vintage Vibe has fully restored this electric piano with the highest standards in the industry. This piano exemplifies Fender Rhodes perfection.

This early 1974 model comes looking brand new right out of the box! It also sounds and plays better than it ever did (including the first day it was born!)

Whether you are looking for a sparkle top or classic black top Vintage Vibe can offer you this piano in either choice.

Read our Fender Rhodes Restorations mission statement.


  • Fender Rhodes


  • Stage Piano


  • 1974


  • 17th


  • 73



  • Passive


  • 45" x 10" x 34"


  • 150 lbs


  • Legs, Cross Bars, Sustain Pedal + Rod

New Passive Electronics

VV has installed its new early style passive electronics into this beautiful stage piano!

Keeping It Classic

This early 1974 piano includes highly desirable original style aluminum knobs to keep the classic vibe alive!

Responsive And Fast Action

We installed brand new Vintage Vibe damper felts and our signature graduated hammer tips for optimal performance!

Join The Sparkle City Club

Make the most out of this Rhodes and upgrade your lid to our custom handcrafted fiberglass sparkle lid! See More Colors

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