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Housed in a slick white enamel paint covered wood lid with Red tolex on bottom case and Black tolex on top outer lid. The Clavinet Model C is very sharp looking Clavinet compared to other models earlier and later. The keys on the Clavinet C are early style Pratt and Reed type keys found on other keyboards of the era like Vox Continental organs, Arp String ensemble’s and various synthesizers. The pre amp is a simplistic high gain two-transistor pre amp that does not utilize an input or barrel transformer, nor does it utilize inductors like the D6. This makes the pre amp extremely simplistic but effective. Tone is selectable by switching pickups from top to bottom individually or combination of both or in and out of phase. Stevie Wonder made this instrument famous with his recording of Superstition.

Ask us about upgrading the preamp to our Vibanet Preamp today!


  • Hohner Clavinet


  • C


  • 1970s

Key scale

  • F to E


  • 60


  • Original Preamp


  • 47" x 15" x 6" without legs, 47" x 15" x 32" with legs


  • 70 lbs

Additional Features

  • Pratt and Reed style keys and bushings


  • Preamplifier germanium based transistors


  • Pickup selections A-B-C-D


  • power cable, Legs + Bag, Tuner, Music Rack

Road Worn Feel

Rebuilt Preamp

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