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Supreme Stereo Quality 

The Stereo Console is a stereo amplifier for the Vintage Vibe piano. It consists of 2x12" speakers facing the audience and 2x10" speakers that are angled up toward the players head. This original concept allows better monitoring for the player. Instead of speakers facing the player knees which makes hearing difficult our speakers perform with a monitor like effect.  A world famous stereo pre amplifier design along with two 80 watt amplifiers used in stereo create the ping pong tremolo effect.

The cabinet is light for it's size at about 60 lbs. Together our piano and stereo cabinet weigh the same as a Rhodes stage piano.

Return Policy: We do not accept returns on Vintage Vibe pianos. You have 72 hours to cancel your order once deposit or purchase price is paid. After that there are no refunds.
Warranty Policy: 1 year parts and labor warranty. Warranty labor to be performed by authorized technician only





  • 40” x 10” x 25”


  • 65 lbs


  • Black


  • 2x 10” speakers (facing player) Eminence


  • 2x 12” speakers (facing audience) Eminence


  • 2x discrete 40W amplifiers (Left and Right)


  • Power supply with line voltage selectable between 120 and 240VAC via switch


  • DC output jack for directly powering Vintage Vibe Deluxe model piano


  • L and R 1/4" IN and L and R 1/4 pre amp OUT

Whats Included

  • IEC Power Cable
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