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Wurlitzer 200 Amplifier - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe Wurlitzer 200 Amplifier - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Wurlitzer 200 Amplifier


Direct replacement amplifiers for a 200 model Wurlitzer Electric Pianos.

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Direct replacement amplifiers for all 200 (non A) model Wurlitzer Electric Pianos.

We hear you loud and clear, your amp is not doing it for you. Rebuilding is a waste of time and energy and costly amps are not in your budget. 

  Vintage Vibe has designed an economical amplifier for all model 200 Wurlitzer electric pianos ( including all 200 student models) that captures the sonic footprint of the desirable “late”  model amplifiers while providing all the benefits and reliability of modern components.  The famed sound without the noise and headache.

We designed our amplifiers to be drop-in replacements for the originals so that installation is a breeze.  Simply desolder and remove your old amplifier and install the brand new amp in its place.

For the latest revision of our 200 amplifier we've addressed a few customer requests.
- Easier installation: we've added screw-down terminal connections for easy hookup.  We kept the connectors to the edges of the PCB for ease of installation and to keep wires short.
- Aux Output Amplifier: we've added an amplifier for the aux output that is adjustable by trimpot from silent to nearly line level output.  The amplifier is discrete and very warm in character. The quality sound and price cannot be beat on our Classic 200 amplifier.

See Instructions and Video Tabs for Diagrams and Installation Videos.

* We strongly recommend pairing with reed bar shields*

• Ensure that screws are installed and tightened in all of the amplifier pcb's mounting holes.  Failure to properly mount the amplifier pcb to the rail can result in poor functionality as well as damage.

• We do not offer instructions or technical support for this item other than what is listed here.  We are not responsible for damage to the amplifier or your piano during installation.  Please review the diagrams in the Instructions Tab as well as the instructional videos in the Video Tab to ensure that you are confident in your abilities to complete the installation prior to purchasing the amplifier.  If you are not confident in your abilities to perform this type of installation you may send the unit to us for service.

Whats Included

• Amplifier PCB 
• LED modification

200 BUNDLE: If reed bar shields are not yet installed on your piano we strongly recommend that you do so.  These greatly reduce the amount of hum found in model 200 pianos.  Installing hum shields along with your new amplifier will give you the best possible sound with the least amount of noise possible.


Wurlitzer 200 Replacement Amp - Sound Samples

Installing 200 PCB Amp & 200 Speakers

Tech Tip | How to Install Wurlitzer Reed Bar Shields


Will this work on my 206 model piano?
Yes, our 200 amplifier is compatible with a 206 and 214 Model Wurlitzer but not with a 206A!

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