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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart
Wurlitzer Electric Piano Stackers

Wurlitzer Electric Piano Stackers

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Stack any piano or synth on top of your Wurlitzer with Vintage Vibe Stackers!



Introducing the Vintage Vibe Stacker keyboard double tier system. The Stacker allows you to pyramid any keyboard of your choice on top of your Wurlitzer Electric piano. The Stacker allows two positions of use in regards to top piano angle of play. The Stackers can be placed on top of your piano at any distance apart from each other which allows any width keyboard to be stacked on top with comfort and stability. Small synthesizers like the MiniMoog to longer and heavier instruments like the Hohner Clavinet are no sweat for the Stackers.

Compatible with Wurlitzer EPs and Vintage Vibe Tine Pianos.
Not compatible with Rhodes Pianos.

Sold in sets (2x Stackers)
Original Standits Pat No.4331312 - 1982 by Pal & Associates in Burbank CA. 



How heavy are the stackers?
The stackers are made from aluminum and are extremely light. A set weighs in at just under 1 lb.

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