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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart
Clavinet Key Bushings

Clavinet Key Bushings

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Reproduction Clavinet Bushings!

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Are your Clavinet keys loose?  Do they click or chatter? We have just the part you need!

All rubber parts degenerate over time, rubber hardens and shrinks causing keys to perform less than ideally. Symptoms such as clacking and side to side sway or chatter.

Think of key bushings like the shocks on your car. They help keep the keys aligned and free from side to side wobble as well as provide a quiet stop when a key returns after being depressed. In addition to keeping everything in place, this helps your action feel smooth.

If you have these symptoms, replacement is easy and will make a noticeable difference worthy of your time.

Sold in packs of 62 key bushings. (60 keys + 2 extra)
Optional:  lube + applicator brush



How do you get to the key bushings?

We have a video on Clavinet restoration on our video page that shows how to remove a Clavinet key. It is very straight forward and quite easy.

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