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Clavinet Restringing Kit - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Clavinet Restringing Kit

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Vintage Vibe is proud to introduce a new kit that is designed to make restringing your Clavinet a breeze!



Clavinets are funky, this we all know but often old strings will muddy the funk and that’s not cool funk, that’s dull funk. It’s like not changing the strings on your guitar after 40 years which would be insane. The sparkle and definition you achieve with new strings is stark compared to the old lifeless strings.

Our original Clavigel polymer dampening system is a revolution in ease of restringing. The Clavigel provides better dampening than yarn and literally takes less than 10 minutes to install. Compare that with the antiquated yarn which is difficult to work with, takes a ton of time and unless perfectly installed will leave less than perfect results. The choice is really a no brainer.

We also include a Clavinet tuning drive bit in this kit, which you attach to your battery handheld drill for ultra fast winding of the strings.

At Vintage Vibe we stand behind our products and methods 100%. Our strings and Clavigel are implemented into every Vibanet we manufacture.

Sold individually. 

What's Included

• Clavinet String Set
• Clavigel Kit
• Clavinet Tuning Bit
• Silicone Adhesive 

Installation Videos

Tech Tip | Vintage Vibe Clavinet Strings & Clavigel Installation

Tech Tip | Vintage Vibe Clavinet Hammer Tip Install Video


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