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Clavinet / Vibanet Pickup - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe Clavinet / Vibanet Pickup - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
Vintage Vibe®

Clavinet / Vibanet Pickup

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Vintage Vibe reproduction pickups are drop in replacements for vintage Clavinet models C, D6 and E7.

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You have a classic Hohner Clavinet but you can't get funky because you've got a bad pickup and it's ruining your mojo. Fret no longer!

Vintage Vibe manufactures both upper and lower replacement pickups that are hand assembled in the USA. You will be back to funky town soon with a smile!

Why our pickups won't break-The exterior shell of our pickups is made from 40% glass fiber infused nylon which is formulated to not crack or break. Our modern epoxy potting is softer than found in the original pickups. This not only helps prevent cracking or chipping but also acts as an inner shock absorber which aids in reducing microphonics.

In regard to tone, our pickups are a serious match for the originals. Only after extensive R&D, utilizing sophisticated audio analyzing equipment and experimentation with various materials and assembly techniques were we satisfied that these pickups were spot on and ready to bring to market.

Vintage Vibe reproduction pickups are drop-in replacements for vintage Clavinet models I, II, C, D6, and E7

Sold individually or as a set.

Whats Included

• Pick Up (Individual or Set)
• Custom Pick Up Box


Will my Clavinet sound different after installing these pickups?

No, our pickups are made as direct replacements. Every step was taken to ensure the replication was as authentic as money can buy. We spent 6 months of long R&D on our prized pickups. We are extremely proud of them and we know you will love them as well.

Is there any tone difference between the upper and lower pickups?

The only difference between upper and lower pickups is the size. They are wound with the same wire gauge and number of turns and use the same magnet. The lower pickup is longer and has a lower resonant frequency, but this is not likely to influence the sound in any way as the resonance is well out of the audio band. Any difference in sound is due to the fact that the lower pickup is placed at an angle to the strings and is sensing them at different locations than the upper pickup.

Audio Samples

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