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Clavinet Tuning Bit - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Clavinet Tuning Bit


Tuning your Clavinet is a breeze with our custom made tuning bit. Attach it to a drill and cut down your restringing time tremendously!

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You're trying to tune your Clavinet but the screwdriver keeps slipping off the tuner. This scene is repeated again and again and again until you finally get the job done or toss in the towel.

To make Clavinet tuning an easier task, Vintage Vibe created a tuning tool that can be used with any drill or nut driver that accepts a 1/4" socket. During use, the blade of the tuning bit easily mates with the tuning slot while the plastic housing encapsulates the entire tuner to prevent slipping.  

Others have copied this concept but the versatility of our bit makes both restringing and tuning a breeze! Use a drill to bring the strings up to tension and then switch the bit over to a hand-held nut driver to tune them to pitch. 

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