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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart
Fender Rhodes Sustain Pedal & Rod combo Fender Rhodes Sustain Pedal & Rod combo
Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes Sustain Pedal & Rod combo

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A lightweight Fender Rhodes Sustain pedal and rod combo kit. Vintage Vibe's best sellers!

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The smartest and lightest pedal in the world!

Weighing in at 1.5 lbs., our reproduction pedal is the lightest and strongest pedal ever made. It is constructed of a super strong lightweight glass fiber resin body and a polished aluminum pedal. Our design is a silent operating pedal, no more heavy metal clacking together. The standard original Rhodes cast aluminum pedals weigh in around 5 pounds and are known for being noisy. We have shed an unwanted 3.5 lbs. on this design as well as quieting down operation. Vintage Vibe is always innovating new and improved ways of functionality and with less weight to carry you are a much happier musician!!

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What pianos are compatible with a VV Sustain pedal?

Our reproduction sustain pedals are compatible with Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 + MK5 pianos.

How high does the rod extend to?

The sustain rod can be extended up to 30".

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