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Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes Tine Spring


Keep your Fender Rhodes in pitch perfect tune with Vintage Vibe Tine Springs!


Keep your Rhodes in tune and singing with tine springs!

These springs are found on the tines themselves. It is used to tune a tine to exact pitch. By pushing the spring forward or backwards, you are able to vary the pitch of the tine. The tine spring is a spring measured in turns and thickness of the wire. It also has a kink in the middle of the spring to allow the spring to grip the tine.

Sold individually.

Size Guide

Keys 1-7 on 88 note piano: Size #6

Keys 1-5 on 73 note piano: Size #5

Keys 6-18: Size #4

Keys 19-55: Size #3

Keys 56-88: Size #2

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