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Fender Rhodes 4 Pin Peterson Amp Module Rebuild Kit - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Fender Rhodes 4 Pin Peterson Amp Module Rebuild Kit

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Vintage Vibe offers a rebuild / silicon conversion kit that contains everything you will need to rebuild one blown or old and crusty power amp module.

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Our amp module rebuild kit includes the parts to rebuild and repair most issues with a blown or old and crusty power amp module.  

If your germanium transistors are shorted or on the fritz, we are sad to say that they are no longer manufactured so we cannot include them in the kit or even offer them at all. Fortunately, we have devised a method of converting the amp modules to utilize silicon output transistors.

The sound produced by the silicon transistors is very much the same as the original germaniums and as an added bonus, they are much more stable, less temperature sensitive, less prone to leakage and are capable of handling higher current before failure. 

The Silicon Conversion option includes a pair of matched output transistors, corresponding bias resistors and thermal isolation pads for easy installation without messy heatsink paste!  

• Replacement Transistor Pinouts May Not Match Original. See Instructions Tab for Schematic and Transistor Pinouts

We do not offer instructions or technical support for this item other than what is listed here. We are not responsible for damage to the product or your unit during installation. If you are not confident in your abilities to perform this type of installation you may send the unit to us for service.

Whats Included

• Electrolytic capacitors
• Power resistors
• 2N3391A Transistors
• New RCA Jack

• Everything in the Standard Kit
• Matched pair silicon output transistors
• Thermal insulators for output transistors
• Bias Resistors for silicon output transistors


• Everything in the Silicon Conversion Kit 
• 2N3405 transistor with heatsink

**If you just want the silicon output transistors with accompanying bias resistors you can choose that in the drop down menu.

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