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Fender Rhodes Action "Miracle Mod" Kit - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Fender Rhodes Action "Miracle Mod" Kit

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A must have action mod for any Rhodes piano between '72-'77!

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Don’t give up on that soggy action! Not only do we have the answer but we have the solution to an amazing new action!!

Critical action mod for Fender Rhodes and Rhodes pianos.  Considered a "must do" for 1972-1977 models.

We call it our "Miracle Mod", and rightly so, as it works miracles on soggy and sluggish actions. This mod harkens back to 1960's Fender Rhodes pianos where a rounded bump was added to the pedestal via a metal clip. The principle behind it is that the hammer will roll over the rounded bump which acts as a leverage point. The difference between implementing this concept with our bumps versus the felt bumps found in later pianos is night and day.  To put it simply, felt should never be used as a bump mod!

The Miracle Mod will work on any year piano from 1972 to 1977.  It will work best on earlier pianos in that range but we absolutely recommend it across the board.  Earlier model keys, circa 70-71, have the "Marcel" pedestal slope and seem to be lighter.  We do not mind this action, but you are welcome to install the Miracle Mod if you like it faster!

• Felts are not self-adhesive, you must cut them to size and use Weldwood contact cement or fish glue or PVC-E glue to install them.  Do not use any other type of glue. Contact Cement is not included. Weldwood contact cement is available at most hardware stores.

• Late '75 to '77 era, pianos had felt on the hammer cam, leaving the key pedestal bare wood. It is up to you whether to replace the felt under the hammers and install to the key pedestal or leave it as it was. At our shop, we always remove the cam felt and install it back on the Key pedestal. It’s the right way to do it. Here is a video that shows proper removal.


• Custom mod bumps 
• Glue for applying bumps
• Hypo bottle (fill with acetone and saturate original key pedestal felt to aid in removal)
• Felt for a 73/88 key piano

Installation Videos

Tech Tip | How To Install the Miracle Mod

Tech Tip | How to Remove Hammer Cam Felt

Tech Tip | Reasons NOT To Use Silicone/Teflon Lubricant in a Fender Rhodes



When finalizing the placement for the Miracle Mod bump on the key pedestal, should the felt be on or off before determining the correct spot?

The most practical and simplest way to find the correct spot for the Miracle Mod Bumps is with the felt off. It is easier to adjust the bump without the felt on than with. Once you have found the correct spot and you have confirmed good stop lock, you are ready to double check yourself. At this point you can put felt on the bump and pedestal for confirmation of good stop lock.


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