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Clavinet Key Springs


Purchase brand new springs for your Clavinet Keys! Available individually or as a set.


Vintage Vibe proudly presents the perfect Clavinet key spring!

We are now offering our custom Vibanet key springs to our Clavinet customers. Our key Springs are made in New Jersey USA with exacting tight tolerances from one spring to the next for the most even feel across your Clavinet. Our key springs were replicated from choice mint condition Hohner E7 Clavinet springs.
Fatigued worn and stretched out key springs are common in vintage Hohner Clavinets.  This wear affects the feel response and repetition of the playing action.  With new key springs tips and key bushings you in essence can make the action like new, even from an old beat up Clavinet.

Sold individually or in a kit of 62 pieces.

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