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Vintage Vibe®

Wurlitzer 200A Amplifier PCB


Direct drop-in replacement PCB amplifier for a Wurlitzer 200A series piano.


After years of repairing 200A model amplifiers exhibiting unpleasant noise and hum due to the age and quality of the original components, we designed an amp that captures the sonic footprint of the late model without the noise and hum. The Vintage Vibe® Wurlitzer 200A leverages the benefits and reliability of modern components without losing the spirit of the original sound. We engineered our amplifiers to be drop-in replacements, so that installation is simple. Desolder and remove your old amplifier and install the brand new amp in its place and the upgrade is complete. 

We also offer instructional videos and a wiring diagram which serve as a guide for the entry- level technician. 

Ensure that screws are installed and tightened in all of the amplifier PCB mounting holes.  Failure to properly mount the amplifier PCB to the rail may result in poor functionality and damage.

Due to limited resources, we do not offer technical support for this item. We are not responsible for damage to the amplifier or your piano during installation. Please review the diagrams in the Instructions tab as well as the instructional videos to ensure that you are confident in your abilities to complete the installation prior to purchase. If you are not confident in your abilities to perform this type of installation, you may send the unit to us for service.

Whats Included

200A Amplifier PCB:
Single 200A amplifier

200A Bundle:
If purchasing a 200A amplifier, we highly recommend replacing the preamplifier as well.  This will ensure that your new amplifier is fed the best signal possible and prevent you from having to deal with any of the noise and reliability issues exhibited by old preamps.

200A Wiring Kit:
Due to the request of numerous customers looking to replace their 200A’s wiring when performing the amp installation, we have made wiring kits available.

Standard Wiring Kit Includes:
• Preamp PCB to Amplifier PCB (Signal)
• Preamp PCB to Amplifier PCB (Power)
• Volume Potentiometer to Amplifier PCB
• Vibrato Potentiometer to Preamp PCB
• Vibrato Potentiometer to Amplifier PCB

Complete Wiring Kit Includes:
• Everything in the Standard Kit
Aux Output Harness including potentiometer and jack
Amp Output/Headphone Jack Harness (Your choice of a Mono* or Stereo** Headphone Jack)
• Left to Right Speaker Jumper Wire

*Mono Headphone Jack:
- 200 amplifiers use a Mono jack
- 200A amplifiers used a Mono jack from the factory

**Stereo Headphone Jack:
- 200A amplifiers can be outfitted with a stereo jack which will allow audio to be present in both ears of your headphone. After installation of the stereo jack, only stereo headphones should be used. Attempting to insert a dummy plug (mono or stereo) into the stereo jack can result in damage to the amplifier unit.


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