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Key Bushing Re-Felt Kit
Vintage Vibe®

Key Bushing Re-Felt Kit

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If your key bushings are worn or your felts are falling out, this kit will bring your keys new life.

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If your key bushings are worn meaning the keys exhibit side to side movement, maybe they even chatter or perhaps the felts are falling out, in any case this kit will help remedy these problems. It is intended as a supplementary repair kit but offers enough felt for a 73 note Rhodes. We’ve created a unique kit that’s easy to use while making your keys tighter.

Note: This kit includes a medium thickness felt. Some key bushings may require a thinner felt.  Test one key at a time to make sure the medium felt works well. You should have a key bushings tool to ease keys once you have installed new bushings. We sell key bushings tools.

Wood Glue is not included.

Whats Included

  • 10x Wedges
  • Felt
  • Hypo Bottle


How do I tighten key bushings?

There are a few options to try when trying to tighten up loose keys.

1. The quickest and easiest way for keys that aren't too bad is to turn the key pin with a key pin tool or a pair of pliers that do not have serrated teeth or grips on them. You do not want to affect the smoothness of the pin. Turn the pin just enough that the pin fills the felt bushing resulting in less side to side movement of the key. Test the keys free movement by lifting the hammer, the front of the key should freely drop down on its own weight.

2. You can try steaming the bushing and surrounding wood, this may swell the wood resulting in a tighter fit. Keep in mind you do not want steam so much that the felt falls out.

3. Lastly, you can re felt the bushing. Chances are that the old felt is thin, worn and old. Vintage Vibe sell a kit specifically for re bushing keys.


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