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Wurlitzer 112 Series Reeds - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Wurlitzer 112 Series Reeds

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We have a pretuning option if you would prefer for us to file and tune your reeds for you. Would you like your reeds pretuned?


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Vintage Vibe Reeds are meticulously blue printed from original Wurlitzer mechanical drawings. No other reed on the market comes close to the authenticity.  

Vintage Vibe has reproduced the rare and most often incorrectly substituted Wurlitzer 112 Reed. Wurlitzer 112 electric piano owners and technicians can now sigh a breath of relief knowing that Vintage Vibe has authentic reproduction replacement reeds.  

These reeds are such an important factor, probably the most important factor in properly restoring old Wurlitzer 112 electric pianos. If you look inside most Wurlitzer 112 pianos you will find many replaced reeds of the incorrect model such as 120, 140 and 200 reeds. These replacement reads will never sound right and detract from the even scale and tone these pianos are capable of. In some worse case scenarios the pickup on the harp  may have been filed and enlarged to accommodate these later replacement reeds. 

The 112 reeds are thinner by width than all later reeds and will only work properly in a 112 or 112A.

Sold individually.
Purchase blank 112 Reeds here.

If the packaging does not say Vintage Vibe  You are getting a substandard replacement reed.




I ordered a reed and its not in tune. What do I do?

Wurlitzer Reeds unless pre-tuned do not come in tune. Mostly they will come flat, from 1/2 note to two full notes. In which case you will file the Reed with a file or if it is very flat you can use cutters to nip or a utility blade to cut larger amounts off.

Maintain a pyramid shape to the lead, meaning smaller on top than the base. This allows for clearance through the pickup.

If you go to far and you end up sharp in pitch you will need to add solder with a soldering iron and solder.

Go slow until you get the hang of tuning reeds, check your tuning often.

The reed I ordered is not the same length as the original. Is this normal?

Since reeds are hand cut, this can be normal but more than a 1/16 of an inch could affect the overall character of the note.

I ordered a pre-tuned reed but when I put it in, it was not perfectly in tune. What do I do?

When installing reeds there is a +\- range of tuning that can be accomplished by adjusting the Reed forward or backwards when the Reed screw is loosened.  At Vintage Vibe we pre-tune reeds with a professional Peterson Strobe tuner. When you install the Reed push or pull the Reed until desired tune with your piano. Your piano may not be in tune with 440hz.


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