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Wurlitzer Student Model Conversion Kit - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
Vintage Vibe®

Wurlitzer Student Model Conversion Kit

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Vintage Vibe offers everything you need to turn your Wurlitzer Electric Piano student model into a portable recording professional 200 or 200A model!

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We can offer you everything you need to turn your Wurlitzer electric piano student model into a Portable recording professional 200 or 200A model.  The student models are the exact same piano mechanically and electronically as the professional portable models. With the right modifications and added parts you can make yours like the expensive ones you have seen. Our conversion kits are made up of the finest custom made parts available in the world.

This kit is made to interface with an original Wurlitzer Amp PCB. If you'd like to upgrade your amplifier, check out our new 200 and 200A amps!

Whats Included

• Chrome legs
• Leg Plates
• Sustain Pedal
• Faceplate
• Custom 200 or 200A Speakers
• Chrome Knobs
• Vibrato and auxillary line out modification (comes with everything needed for vibrato and recording line out).
• AC Receptacle
• 3 Video Downloads (Chop Video, Wurlitzer Restoration & Repair & Regulation Video)
• Wurlitzer sticker for back
• Headphone shorting jack pre wired for headphones and cutting out speakers for private use
• Fuse modification board and line fuses*

*Line fuse value will correspond with 120VAC by default.  If you wish to have a fuse for use with 240VAC line voltage please include this in the note field for your order.

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