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When it comes to vintage electric pianos, we don't mind a challenge. Whether it's a custom electric piano project, a standard repair, or a complete restoration, there's nothing our team of master technicians can't handle. Our work is unlike any others you will find. While an exotic exterior can be enticing, we specialize in mechanical geometry and blueprinting; like an architect or surgeon, details matter. This attention to the action and parts quality is the difference between a piano that looks good and a piano, unlike anything you have ever played before.

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I’m floored with how much care and nicely you got this piano sounding and the action feels heavenly. I’m so grateful to be a vintage vibe customer.


After 5 shows I am completely blown away with this instrument. For so long I never really felt a deep connection when I played vintage tine style pianos—no longer! This bad boy feels so responsive under the fingers and the bell like tone is gorgeous. Can't wait to get back out and rip it this weekend in Shwazeyyy and New Haven with Goose! Thank you Vintage Vibe <3

Peter Anspach - Goose

Holy fuck! This instrument is from the heavens. I had no idea. The musicality and playability. Gorgeously unbelievable. Wow.

Damian Calcaign

I'm in love with my tine piano from you fine folks -- it's one of the best things that's ever happened in my life 😂. I wholeheartedly thank you.

Carson Gregory

Hi everyone! I don’t even know what to say other than THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Rick was thrilled and it was such a spectacular moment to surprise him with this incredible instrument. Really can’t thank you enough for all the work you all did to restore this beautiful piano and make this happen for his birthday. He cannot wait to meet you all and to talk to you about everything. He is thrilled and so honored by your work. Thank you all for all your heart and skill you put into this. I’m overwhelmed by your kindness and exceptional skill and can’t thank you enough. Many many MANY thanks for everything!

Gail Ackourey

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If you need to get in touch, email us at, or call 973-989-2178. We're on the phones 9am - 5pm EST Monday-Friday. Our HQ is located at 114 Beach Street in Rockaway NJ 07866. If you are calling about a new repair, restoration, custom project or Vintage Vibe Piano we kindly ask you provide some basic info first using the links above. We’re a small shop and this helps us save time, stay organized and serve you best.