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Fender Rhodes Mission Statement

When considering a purchase of this important nature, you should first think about the source you are buying from. There are many places to purchase a Fender Rhodes, from craigslist and eBay to instrument and repair shops. But none of them are a match for Vintage Vibe.

Vintage Vibe is the only company in the world manufacturing a line of pianos based on Harold Rhodes’ patented ideas. The development of the Vintage Vibe Piano was fueled by twenty years of Fender Rhodes restoration experience. Our continued improvement is driven by our master technicians and the innovative techniques they’ve originated through the pursuit of a higher level of excellence for the instrument and their craft. The collective knowledge base of our team is truly our greatest tool. It allows us to offer Fender Rhodes pianos restored to the best condition available on the market, if not ever.

With each Fender Rhodes restoration we take on, the goal is always the same, that the piano be just as Harold would have envisioned it coming out of the factory. In addition to providing a museum quality appearance, we spend countless hours articulating the feel and sound of each piano. We go to great lengths to replace any and every part that is worn or that does not live up to our standards; from name rail felt to tines and everything in between. Tine selection is a particular specialty of ours. We manufacture tines by the tens of thousands each year which allows us to keep replacing tines until the scale of the piano is perfectly even. This is something no other company can offer, at least not at the price we can.

With consideration to pricing, Vintage Vibe realizes that buyers walk a tightrope between quality and affordability. There is a realistic value associated with these instruments and we do our very best to ensure that all the work we perform during a restoration will be directly reflected in the overall quality. We do not wish to over extend our work in a manner that would inflate the cost without providing an apparent improvement in sound or feel. With this in mind, we believe that a buyer’s expectations will be surpassed when purchasing one of our Fender Rhodes pianos and they can feel confident it is an undervalued asset waiting to appreciate.

If you ask the right questions and do your due diligence, the path will certainly lead home to Vintage Vibe.

Welcome to the family.

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