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Fully restored Rhodes!

Vintage Vibe offers a fully restored Fender Rhodes - inside and out.

This piano Includes our Miracle Mod action system, tone bar screws, grommets + washers, damper felts and felt hammer tips. Along with new pedestal felts, we set key height, squared and leveled key bed, set escapement and strike line.

She is decked out with new tolex + hardware, legs, cross bars, logos, lid, cheek blocks and damper arms.

Equipped is a new set of early style passive electronics for the signature Stage classic sound.


  • Fender Rhodes


  • Stage Piano


  • 1974


  • 73


  • Passive


  • 45" x 10" x 34"


  • 150 lbs


  • Legs, Cross Bars, Sustain Pedal + Rod

New Mechanicals

Brand new damper arms, damper felts, felt hammer tips, + passive electronics.

New Cosmetics

We slapped on new handles, latches, corners, hinges, tolex and logos!

Felt Hammer Tips

Tuned + Voiced

This '74 gem has been tuned and voiced by one of the worlds best technician. This piano comes voiced for mellow smooth jams.

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