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Clavinet Whammy Bar System - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Clavinet Whammy Bar System


Clavinet Whammy Bar System from Ken Rich Sound Services is now available at Vintage Vibe!


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Clavinet Whammy Bar System based on the Castlebar Clavinet created by Buddy Castle.

This is a Clavinet Whammy Bar System (manufactured by Ken Rich Sound Services) based on the Castlebar Clavinet created by Buddy Castle, a.k.a. Edward Bruce Gfell, in the 70’s.  has improved on certain areas of the design and have done research and development to work out the very best materials for manufacturing these.

• Whammy Arm – 41-30 Chromolly aircraft grade tubing. This weighs a little more than previous designs, making it easier to play plus it is stress proof, fatigue proof and very tough. It will not bend. Not even slightly.
• Bridge – fatigue proof 28-30 Rockwell shafting that will not bend under any amount of string tension.
• Bearings – 60 Rockwell “Oilite” Bushings impregnated with 30 weight lube. These are ultra-smooth and never require greasing.
• String dowels – replaceable hardened steel split pins rather than solid dowels, making these systems the highest quality ever produced.
• Lastly – the plug in the end of the whammy arm is a 2000psi rated Delrin plastic impregnated with Teflon.

Sold as a kit. Instructions included.

Shipping lead time 1 - 2 weeks

We strongly recommend the job be done by an experienced Clavinet technician. The whammy system comes disassembled. We also recommend the Clav be retipped and restrung at the time of installation in order to avoid breakage and maximize tone and sustain.


What's Included

This complete installation kit includes:
• the whammy arm mechanism with rolling bridge
• the felt-covered metal “rest” which holds the arm at its high point
• a stencil for marking the hole to be cut for the arm
• Steinway damper tray lifter felt (made in Tokyo – compressed, not woven) to get around the top cut
• special all-surface glue for sticking the felt on
• the modified mute block parts required


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