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The Farfisa Compact Combo (Red) is one of the two most celebrated vintage organs (the other is the Vox Continental). This rare early version has been totally rebuilt by our restoration experts in our workshop. The electrolytic caps have been replaced, generator cards have been re-flowed and stabilized and all tubes replaced! All divisions and notes are working, all tabs work and the unit is quiet. Everything on this piano is crisp, tight, stabilized and tuned. With the exception of a few cracks in the lid and minor scuffing, this piano is in solid condition. It even comes with the original volume swell pedal!

So what makes the Farfisa Compact Combo special? The Compact Combo is one of the earlier Farfisa models with a tube preamp and tube-based reverb. The Combo Compacts filter their sound using the Multi-Tone Booster, which creates the signature bright, raucous sound. This is due to a 67% pulse wave filtered down into a sine wave. As you move the knee lever or add "All Booster", a heavily high-pass filtered pulse wave is added to the sine wave.


  • Farfisa


  • Compact Combo


  • 1965


  • 30 lbs

Included Items

  • Original Volume Swell Pedal


  • Tube preamp (2 12AX7s) and real spring reverb


  • Red/Black


  • 4 settings


  • 3 reverb settings


  • Swell (expression) pedal

Headphone Output

  • 1/4"

Bass Optional Output

  • 1/4"

Treble Output

  • 1/4"

Rebuilt Pre-amplifier

Light Wear

Original Shell

Clean Keys

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