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Restored by Vintage Vibe

1974 Fender Rhodes Stage Piano with your choice of either Gold Sparkle or Silver Sparkle Fiberglass top lid. Vintage Vibe Sparkle top lids are not painted they are true fiberglass formed like Fender Rhodes did it back in the 1960's. This particular vintage Fender Rhodes has Vintage Vibe custom color square hammer tips installed as well as hand wrapped wood core tips in the treble section. This piano reeks of vintage personality that will in effect change the perception of your audience to awe and wow!

This piano has had a full inner restoration like only Vintage Vibe can perform. We have set the keys to proper optimal height and modified the pedestals with our 'Miracle Mod' action mod which allows the action to feel light and smooth. The keys have been squared and leveled for a new professional feel and appearance. We replaced over 20 tines to ensure an even response in character, dynamic and dwell. All new dampers and felts have been retro fitted.

A new original PCB passive electronics with new wiring and pots has been incorporated for the ultimate operation and longevity. Everything you would expect from a restored piano is present in this vintage gem. We have left the original tolex on because it is in very good condition and we felt it added to the charm of this piano.


  • Fender Rhodes


  • Stage Piano


  • 1974


  • 73


  • Passive


  • 45" x 10" x 34"


  • 120 lbs


  • Silver or Gold Sparkle Top Lid


  • Legs, Cross Bars, Sustain Pedal + Rod

Golden Age Tines And Pickups

Square Color Hammer Tips

New Vv Passive Electronics

Original Tolex + New Hardware

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