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Fender Rhodes Back-Check Kit - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Fender Rhodes Back-Check Kit

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Does your Rhodes have bouncy hammers and dampers? Install Vintage Vibe's back check kit to have your piano play in tip top shape!

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If you're bothered by bouncing hammers, dampers and keys, try our Back-Check Kit!

The purpose of a back-check system is to ease a hammer's fall when it returns to rest position after being actuated. The result is that the hammer's potential energy is greatly reduced before it hits bottom and its ability to bounce is minimized, or if setup properly, eliminated. This in turn will also prevent key and damper bounce.

Although pianos generally employ some type of back-check system, Rhodes do not. It is likely that Rhodes felt their three-part action was sufficient and that the bounce didn't warrant complicating it further. So, for years, technicians have been installing their own versions of back-checks into Rhodes pianos in order to cure these issues. Most of the time, they'd use conventional acoustic piano back-checks, which are costly to purchase and time consuming to install.

In contrast, we have designed our Back-Check system to be both cost effective and easy to install. When performed properly, it will relieve all the symptoms caused by bouncy hammers and dampers.  

• Sold in packs of 73 & 88.

• Back-checks will require articulating for proper performance and ongoing maintenance may be required.

• Pre-drilling is recommending before driving screws into keys.


Whats Included

• Back-Checks
• Felts
• Screws


Back Check Kit Install Video Part 1

Back Check Kit Install Video Part 1

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