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This piano has sold.

Here we have a one of a kind Rhodes piano- This neat little handmade piano came to us needing a ton of work. It was previously purchased by Harry Connick Jr. who decided he could not use it. He left it with us to keep and decide its fate, we decided to restore it, of course!!. We brought life back to the mechanicals and added new passive electronics and legs to the case among other important things. An interesting fact about the lid, is that it’s made from a Hammond organ M3 generator cover which gives it that round sculpted look. Pretty crafty whoever thought of it. If you are looking for a smaller Rhodes with a unique look and that Fender Rhodes tone, here is a great opportunity. It plays wonderfully with a fast light action. Has a great tone that barks with smoothness under one hood. Scale is F to F


  • Fender Rhodes


  • Custom 61 Stage Piano


  • Early Style Fender Rhodes Era


  • 61


  • Legs, Sustain Pedal + Rod

Sounds Like

  • Classic Early Fender Rhodes Tone

Vintage Vibe Set Up

Gold Logos

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