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Fender Rhodes Pull Sustain System - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Fender Rhodes Pull Sustain System


Designed by Ken Rich, the Rhodes Pull Sustain System is made to utilize a Wurlitzer Sustain Pedal with a Fender Rhodes Stage piano!


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The Fender Rhodes Pull Sustain System, designed by Ken Rich Sound Services, is back and better than ever! It's re-formulated from the original design, with a newly calculated fulcrum point and a felted pivoting head to allow for a smooth, fluid pedal action. Belleville disc springs have been added to center the arm and eliminate noise.

The Pull Sustain System gives any player the opportunity to use a Wurlitzer sustain pedal rather than the Rhodes pushrod pedal, and allows the player to set up the piano at any height (e.g., on top of a Hammond).

Sold as a kit with included hardware.

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