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Fender Rhodes Stage Tine Bomb Preamp - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Fender Rhodes Stage Tine Bomb Preamp

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Bring that a classic tube drive essence to your sound while adding generous amounts of gain with our Fender Rhodes Tine Bomb Preamp!

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New, custom designed tube pre amp for vintage Fender Rhodes stage pianos. Brings a tube essence to your sound while adding generous amounts of gain, helps bring out the notes of your passive stage Rhodes piano. Bass cut allows to clear up the bottom end when needed. 

• Tube Tone
• Bass Cut

• Generous amount of Gain

The Tine Bomb Preamp is to be powered by a 24Vdc power supply with positive tip only! (2.1mm ID / 5.5mm OD) Attempting to power the unit with an incorrect supply may cause damage and would be considered improper usage for which we are not responsible.

This product will not for 54 note models, name rail mod and rewiring pick ups will be necessary on 54 note pianos.

Whats Included

• Pre Wired PCB
• Cheek block power supply (100 - 240VAC)
• Power Adapter


Install Video

How To Install the Tine Bomb Preamp

Tine Bomb Preamp Demo Video

Tech Specs

The supply we provide: 90-264VAC

Input 24Vdc
Output @ .750A
Plug Outer Diameter 5.5mm
Plug Inner Diameter 2.1mm

TIP is to be positive

The tine bomb only pulls approximately 250mA of current. So a supply rated for 500mA or above would be fine.

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