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Vintage Vibe restored Hohner Clavinet D6-
Great players Hohner D6 with original legs, lid and music rack. We replaced the strings with our very own handmade Vintage Vibe DR strings as well as our proprietary Clavigel system. Together you get a bright rich harmonically balanced experience with dead on dampening. To couple that we have rebuilt the pre amp which is quiet and sings. We have installed our new original orange tips to keep this clav as original as possible. This Clavinet has been set up and regulated by our master tech Adam who is the main Vibanet builder here at Vintage Vibe. You know this D6 is going to rock!! You just can't buy this type of experience anywhere else!!

Background Info
Hohner made changes from the Model C both electronically mechanically and cosmetically when they rolled out the D6. Wood Grain and grey and black tolex were now the standard. The Keys on the D6 are still Pratt and Reed as well as the key bed but a later version than the Model C. The pre amplifier utilizes silicon-based transistors with two inductors to sculpt the EQ curve, there is also an input step up audio transformer used to boost and match impedance between the low impedance pickups and the high impedance pre amp.

The D6 is the classic of all Hohner Clavinets and some say most desirable. That is subjective to personal tastes. I would say that for different reasons the Model C and E7 are just as cool and effective. The D6 was the most used and recorded of all Clavinets and therefore the most popular.

Input transformer – wire colors-

There are 5 wires:
Red/ Black = Primary
Yellow /Blue = Secondary
Brown is Faraday shield
Red/Blue in phase with each other
Step up transformer- 1:15 ratio, which translates, to 200 ohms to 45,000 ohms


  • Hohner Clavinet


  • D6


  • 1970s

Key Scale

  • F-E


  • 60


  • Original Preamp rebuilt


  • good


  • 47" x 15" x 6" without legs, 47" x 15" x 32" with legs


  • 75 lbs


  • legs, leg bag, music rack , case lid

Additional Features


  • Pre amplifier silicon based transistors


  • Input transformer with inductors for EQ curve


  • Pickup selections A-B-C-D


  • Tone selections Brilliant-Treble-Medium-Soft-


  • mute lever

Rebuilt Preamp

Our master technicians rebuilt this preamp to allow for the least amount of noise the max amount of honky tonky.

Road Worn Feel

This Clav has seen some better days but Vintage Vibe offers complete restoration services! For an extra cost, we can repair and retolex this Clavinet.


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