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Vintage Vibe fully restored and modified Hohner D6 Clavinet. We started with a D6 in beautiful condition and then went to work on the necessities to a proper restore. We replaced the old strings with new Vintage Vibe handmade strings by DR and coupled the strings with Vintage Vibe's Clavigel polymer dampening system. No longer will you ever have to worry about yarn and it's complicated messy effects of re stringing. The Clavigel offers better dampening than yarn and if you ever break a string in the future, replacement is a snap. To really offer the finest Clavinet tone possible we installed our new Vibanet pre amp. The Vibanet pre amp offers tonal sculpting not available on a stock D6 pre amp. It's EQ is laid out logically in a Bass, Mid, treble configuration each with +/- 15db. That is a lot of control that you can easily recall at any point, unlike the original rocker mystery of the D6. We have also added a wonderful Auto wah at the flick of a switch so you can really get your funk on without the use of added pedals. This is the same pre amp used by so many of our Artists, notably Stevie Wonder.
The Clavinet has been set up and regulated by our master tech Adam here at Vintage Vibe, so you know it's going to be right on!


  • Hohner Clavinet


  • D6


  • 1970s


  • 60


  • Vibanet Preamp


  • 47" x 15" x 6" without legs, 47" x 15" x 32" with legs


  • 75 lbs


  • Legs, leg bag , music rack, tuning key, original 1/4" cable with bag , hard case lid-

Original Cosmetics

She got a few nicks, but overall for a piano that has seen alot, shes in great shape! We cleaned her as best we can while maintaing that classic look.

Upgraded Preamp

We swapped out the noisy original preamp for our new Vibanet preamp and the difference is night and day.

Vintage Accessories

This Clav comes with its original accessories still in the factory bags!

Original Music Rack

Its not every day you see a D6 matched with its original music rack.

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