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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart

How deep is your funk?

Nothing lays down the funk like a Clavinet. The legendary Clav is one of the most instantly recognizable sounds in pop music, cutting through mixes and firing up dance floors for more than 50 years. But as a professional musician, you want your sound to be funky - not your gear. And vintage Clavs are notoriously heavy, hard to keep in tune, and inconsistent from note to note.

Enter the Vintage Vibe Vibanet™ - a dramatically improved Clav that relocates the bright, punchy sounds of the original into a thoroughly redesigned modern instrument loaded with new features.

A secret weapon for the funk patrol

From its custom-built pickups and preamplifier to its built-in auto—wah and the most even muting system you‘ve ever heard, the Vintage Vibe Vibanet truly brings the best of modern design to a classic instrument. Onboard 3-band EQ and four pickup selection options allow for virtually limitless tonal possibilities, making it easy to dial in everything from classic funk to harpsichord and slap bass sounds. All this versatility comes in a sleek new design that is barely half the weight of a vintage Clav.

Listen to the funk

I really love the Vibanet, I have used it on a couple of records lately and it always gets a lot of attention! It also feels great to play. Not only is it super funky sounding but it's very versatile. With the many different tone settings you can go from Stevie Wonder to Brian Wilson!"

Matt Johnson, Jamiroguai

When I pull up to a show with my Vintage Vibe Vibanet™, its starts a commotion. I haven’t even played one sound and people can’t stop staring and when the gig starts, people are blown away.”

Peter Levin, Gregg Allman Brothers Band

Dig into the details

Every piano is made to order in the USA by piano artisans in our small NJ based shop.

Sleek & lightweight design

At only 35 lbs, this portable funk machine is ergonomically designed for maximum portability and playability. Because your groove should be heavy — not your ax!


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The VV Piano

For even more information check out our FAQ

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Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 14” X 47”
Model Keys 60
Lids Black ABS plastic
Pickups Vintage Vibe Custom single coil hand wound
Action Hammer
Tone Controls EQ +/e 15 7 Low, Mid and High Volume, Wah Wah Switch, Wah Wah Sensitivity knob
Preamp Vintage Vibe Vibanet preamp
Key Compass F1-E5
Relative to an 88 key scale
Power Supply 24v Power Supply (with Worldwide Adapters)
“On/Off” Power Switch power indicator LED
Electronics Connections: 1/4" Output, FX Loop, Internal 24v power supply, IEC connector
Pickup Selector: Lead, Rhythm, Full Tone, Phase
Standard Black chasis and lid: $5999
Custom Tolex: +$199
Custom Color Lid: +$299
Flight Case: +$1049
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