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Vintage Vibe®

Vintage Vibe Piano Road Kits


Keep your mind at ease while on the road with a Vintage Vibe Road Kit.


Ready to go on tour? Ready for some constant gigging? Our kits will cover most any situation you find yourself in anywhere. If there is something you need or don't see it on the list just let us know and we'll modify the kit for you!

These kits are made per order. Please allow a minimum lead time of 1 week.

Rhodes Road Kit

• 5x Bridle straps 
• 2x Hammers (1- 1/2 Wood, 1 All plastic) 
• 1x Tuning Tool 
• 1x 1/4 Nut Driver 
• 4x of each size Tone bar spring 
• 4x wild tine oscillation repair springs and grommets 
• 2x Fender Rhodes Dampers 
• 2x Sustain Pedal Feet or rear leg feet 
• 3x Front Leg Couplers, for leg repairs 
• 2x Damper Bushings 
• 1x Sustain Cup 
• 4x Corners 
• 4x Tines: full length, long, med, short 
• 2x of each Tine Spring 
• 5x of each Hammer Tip 
• 6x Tone bar screws with grommets 
• 5x of each Damper felt 
• 3x Pick Ups 
• 1x Late or Early Latch (you choose) 
• 1x pack of Key Shims
• 5x Balance and Front rail felts 
• Key Bushing Felt w/ spring clamp for key bushing repairs 
• Key Pedestal Felt 
• 10x Tone Bar clips for upper sustain 
• Glue 
• Spare RCA 
• RCA to 1/4 adapter to bypass electronics 
• Various Screws
• Rhodes Repair Video (Digital Download)

Rhodes Jr Road Kit

• Tuning tool
• 3 Tines Various lengths
• 2 of each hammer tips
• 2 of each tone bar springs
• 2 Bridle straps
• 8 Tone bar grommets
• Various paper shims front rail and balance rail felts
• Key bushing cloth and clamp for repairs
• 2 Tine screws
• 2 Pick up screws
• Pick up
• 2 of each damper felts
• Glue
• Solder
• Rhodes Repair Video (Digital Download)

Wurlitzer Road Kit

Wurlitzer Repair Videos
• Wurlitzer Restoration and Repair Video
• Wurlitzer Amp Repair
• 1x Hammer
• 1x Whip Assembly
• 1x Damper Arm 
• 1x of each Damper felt 
• 1x Chrome Knob 
• 5x Vibration Pads 
• 2x each Hammer tip
• 1x Reed mold 
• 1x File 
• 1x Soldering Iron 
• 1x Roll of Solder 
• 1x Reed length chart 
• 1x 5/16 Nut Driver, needed for reed screws 
• 5x Reed Blanks, covers reeds 21-42 
• 1x Action Lube, shrinks sluggish action points 
• 5x Balance and Front rail felt, key height and after touch 
• 1x pack of Key Shims
• 3x Reed Bolts 
• 2x Grommets for music rack holes 
• 1x Case Screws with washers 
• 1x Sustain Pedal repair kit 
• 1x Case hinge 
• Key bushing felt
• 1x Key bushing spring clamp
• 5x Jack Felts for worn jacks 
• 3x Hammer butt/back check felt 
• Various Screws 
• 1x Jewel Light 
• Glue 
• Fuse Mod for line or amp (life saver)

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