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Wurlitzer 140B Vibrato L.E.D. Mod - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Wurlitzer 140B Vibrato L.E.D. Mod


Purchase this mod if the original bulb on your Wurlitzer 140B is no longer functioning.

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The original neon bulbs used by Wurlitzer in the 140B vibrato circuit are no longer available.  To remedy this situation, we designed a modification using a modern L.E.D. The L.E.D. is simple to install, provides a deep vibrato and will last the life of your piano.

See Instructions and Videos Tabs for Schematics and Installation Information

NOTE: We do not offer instructions or technical support for this item other than what is listed here. We are not responsible for damage to the product or your unit during installation. If you are not confident in your abilities to perform this type of installation you may send the unit to us for service.

Whats Included

• L.E.D.
• Resistor


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