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Wurlitzer 140B Wiring Harness Complete with L.E.D Mod


Replacement Wiring Harness for a Wurlitzer 140B

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Vintage pianos have shielded cables that deteriorate with age. The shield breaks down and loses it's purpose. Along with the fact that audio wires are running along with AC wires is not a great idea in preventing noise. We have painstakingly redressed the wires with new shielded cable including the AC wires, added new pots, new connectors and pins, new output jack and added our L.E.D modification. The stock neon power light runs on AC and the AC wires run alongside your audio cables (noise). What we have done is replace the neon bulb with an L.E.D running on DC voltage.  Now there is no chance of any AC interference in you audio signal path from the power indicator.

You will need to make a small change to your amplifier to run the L.E.D.  Failure to perform this modification prior to utilizing the new harness can result in damage to the L.E.D.  In addition, the hole for the power indicator light must be drilled out to 5/16" to accommodate the L.E.D. bezel.

See Instructions and Video Tabs for installation information 

NOTE: We do not offer instructions or technical support for this item other than what is listed here. We are not responsible for injury or damage to your unit due to improper installation or usage.


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