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Wurlitzer 200A Speakers - Pair Wurlitzer 200A Speakers - Pair
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Wurlitzer 200A Speakers - Pair

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Custom made 200A Speakers

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Our speakers will solve your speaker issues. Custom 200A 4x8 oval Wurlitzer replacement speakers. Designed to include a full range frequency with larger 1' voice coils which allows more breath without distortion. No other speakers on the market offer this design.  Manufactured in the USA for the for the Wurlitzer 200A E.P by Vintage Vibe. We guarantee our speakers 100%

Sold as a set of 2 for proper balancing.

Click here for polarity markings.

We are not responsible for damage due to improper installation.

Note: Very early 200A pianos still used the 200 style speakers. Before placing your order, ensure that you are selecting the correct speakers for your instrument. One way to tell is to look for flower-head screws on the front of your plastic lid. If there are 4 screws present per side, you need 200A speakers.  If no screws are present, you need 200 speakers. Another way, is to open your lid and look inside. If the speakers are mounted on the amp rail, you will need the 200 style speakers. If they are mounted on the lid, you will need 200A speakers. 

For Student Models- Look inside the lid to see the amp rail and decide if there are useable speaker brackets for mounting. Some may have the brackets but often they are compressed and unusable.  Most student model pianos you will need to mount 200a  speakers to the lid.


Can I use 200A speakers in my 206A piano?
Yes, you can! The 206A is the same as the 200A, therefore you can choose the 200A parts.

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