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Vintage Vibe®

Wurlitzer 200A Amplifier w/ Tube Preamplifier & Variable Vibrato


Send us your 200A rail and we'll set it up with the best variable vibrato known to man!



A brand new Vintage Vibe Wurlitzer 200A Amplifier with variable vibrato depth and speed.  The original vibrato is great, but with variable vibrato you can sync up to fit the song like never before.

Our unique design allows the user to set vibrato speed and depth independently on one dual-concentric pot.  We even included a half time slow cut tremolo; by pushing in the center knob you can kick it down to slow tremolo like a Fender Rhodes. We have designed our Variable Vibrato with distinctive Concentric Pots that allows you to have creative control without adding extra holes to your Wurlitzer.  The custom decorative chrome knobs look exactly like the original so that the Variable Vibrato feature blends in with the original cosmetics of the piano. The Vintage Vibe 200A Variable Vibrato Amplifier is available with the traditional solid state preamp or with our custom designed tube preamp for some added warmth and bottom.  The tube preamp version also incorporates a bass-cut control into a dual concentric pot shared with the volume control.  The choice is yours! Truly a first of its kind; this Variable Vibrato has set the new standard for Wurlitzer tone and effect. 


• There is a considerable amount of wiring that goes into installing a 200A Variable Vibrato unit and therefore we do not offer these units as a kit.  We ask that you send us your amplifier rail and one of our technicians will perform the installation. • Installation is included in the listed price, shipping is not.

• Installation is generally completed within 1 week of receipt of piano rail and payment.

• Only available for model 200A or 206A pianos.  Please ensure your piano is a compatible model prior to shipping us your rail.

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