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Wurlitzer Line Out Pod


Add a line-out to old and noisy Wurlitzers that only have a speaker output.


This filter was designed to add a line-out to old, noisy Wurlitzer electric pianos that only have a speaker output, such as the 100 and 700 series models.  It provides an output with much less hiss than is present at the speaker output and at a level suitable for plugging into an amplifier, mixing console or pa system. You will need to drill a 3/8" hole in your amplifier chassis to accommodate the line output jack.  We recommend installing it near the existing speaker output jack.

We do not offer free tech support.  Installation requires the use of a drill, soldering iron, and some experience with electronics. Please review the diagram in the Instructions Tab to ensure that you are confident in your abilities to complete this modification prior to purchasing the kit.  If you do not feel you are competent to complete this modification, we can modify your unit for you.

See Instructions Tab for Diagram

Whats Included

• Custom wired PCB with 1/4" output jack.

*The external version of this modification comes in a small metal box with 1/4" input and output jacks.  Simply plug the speaker output from your Wurlitzer into the input jack and the output into an amplifier, mixing console or pa system.

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