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Introducing a true collectors piano

This restoration features a new speaker with custom hand-built electronics including a new 106 amp rail, transformer and wires to all new jacks! We also added our classic left-side stacking knobs.

All action work has been reset and articulated by our team of restoration experts. We are now able to produce action on this smaller piano that usually only larger pianos accomplish.

Introducing a true collectors piano: completely restored rare Wurlitzer 106P (P for Pupil). Originally, the 44-note classroom model featured a plastic case, no controls, one loudspeaker and no sustain pedal. The student models were also available as a set of eight on a folding frame, forming a portable keyboard lab! The 106P's were attached by an umbilical to a full size teacher piano with controls to feature each pupil piano. This model appears to date from the early 1970s and was available in nastrium (orange) or (sugar maple) tan.

Originally set up for young school children Wurlitzer was not very concerned about articulation and response, which lead to improper strike and key height, as well as whip assembly anomalies that must be corrected. Finally the single reed bar is prone to the laws of gravity.


  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano


  • 106P (Student Model)


  • 1971


  • Faded Nastrium (Orange)


  • 44


  • Vibrato


  • 27" x 20" x 7.5" (without legs)


  • 35 lbs


  • Restored and fully articulated


  • New jacks, amp rail, transformer and wiring


  • Sustain Pedal
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