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Wurlitzer 200 Leg Feet Wurlitzer 200 Leg Feet
Vintage Vibe®

Wurlitzer 200 Leg Feet

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Remanufactured Wurlitzer electric piano chrome leg swivel feet!

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We have Wurlitzer electric piano chrome leg swivel feet glides for older and newer 200/200A style chrome legs.  Older model 200 legs circa 69-70 were thinner at the ankle of the leg, these utilized the smaller 5/8th adjustable in height foot glide. The later 200 and 200A pianos had a thicker 3/4 ankle and utilized a larger swivel leg foot glide.  


We offer replacement feet in two sizes:
- 3/4" diameter - non adjustable length
- 5/8" diameter - adjustable length

When purchasing feet, be sure to measure the diameter at the small end of your leg and select the corresponding size foot from the drop-down menu.

Feet are sold individually.

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