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If your budget matches your dream and you have a project you would like to see become a reality, to discuss the possibilities.

Stage Shells

We build stage shells for digital pianos for discerning clients who want an elegant vintage look. There's no vision too ambitious for our master craftsman... U2 can attest, our shell game is strong.

Custom Builds

Looking to transform your Rhodes into mid-century art? Want to make sure your Wurlitzer matches the set design for your next world tour? Perhaps you're looking to encrust your Clavinet with gemstones? Vintage Vibe is capable of bringing even the wildest concepts to life!

Custom Stereo Reverb

We install stereo reverb into Fender Rhodes Suitcase pianos. The reverb is comprised of drive and recovery circuits for both the left and right channels, a 3-spring, medium decay pan for each channel, depth control and bypass switching and supporting circuitry.

Previous Commissioned Work

Click the links on the left to see examples of some of our past custom projects

Fender Rhodes Stereo Spring Reverb Wurlitzer Royal Blue Sparkle Vintage Vibe Custom Moss Green Sparkle Wurlitzer 44 Wurlitzer Cinnamon Sparkle Vintage Vibe Custom Blue Wurlitzer 44 and Tolexed Fender Deville Amp Vintage Vibe Custom Wurlitzer 44 White and Walnut Open Frame Piano Bass Prototype 37-Note Bass with Synthesizer Strip Open Model 54 Note DiLeone Custom Wurlitzer 200A Royal Blue Sparkle Vintage Vibe 44 Custom Rose Sparkle Steely Dan Custom Console with Duke Ellington canvas Wurlitzer Red Sparkle Lime Green Wurlitzer 200A Flame Top Vintage Vibe Vintage Vibe Vibanets and Jet Black 73 w/ Console

Built for a close friend of Vintage Vibe master piano technician and designer Fred DiLeone. Birds eye maple and brushed ebony patina. Built with portability and cosmetics in mind.

Steely Dan's new Deluxe 73 now sits atop a custom skinned console. Adorned with Duke Ellington and his band

Custom Flame-Top Vintage Vibe 73 Deluxe Paint job

Two Vibanets and a Vintage Vibe Piano for Raphael Saddiq.

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