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Vintage Vibe 4th of July Sale! Site Wide Sales!

20% off all in-stock parts. Use coupon code JULY4TH20% at checkout.

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Vintage Vibe Collection

True Evolution

Timeline . Events . History . Innovations . Inspirations . Patents

Humble Beginnings
Vintage Vibe establishes a one-man operation as a vintage keyboard and studio equipment rental company. Keeping equipment running smoothly for professional rental.
Fred DiLeone and Chris Carroll meet in NYC at E.A.R.S, where Chris heads the keyboard repair department while running VV out of the company van on the side. E.A.R.S co-owner and head synth tech Jeff Blenkinsopp and Chris Carroll develop the first-ever Wurlitzer stereo amplifier a decade before any other aftermarket brand.

Vintage Vibe starts its eBay store for vintage instruments.
Vintage Vibe creates our first website for Instrument rentals, sales and repairs. Vintage Vibe continues house call repairs and services to Manhattan recording studios, Rental facilities, and rehearsal spaces.
Vintage Vibe expands its reach by picking up repairs in Philly for artists like the Roots, The Studio and James Poyser.. 9/11 happens, and things get scary for all.
Vintage Vibe expands our website offering aftermarket parts and restored pianos, notably new Wurlitzer reeds, for the EP community. Vintage Vibe was the first to successfully produce a new Wurlitzer reed.
Vintage Vibe starts scaling aftermarket parts production for Fender Rhodes and other vintage Keys. Foresees the future of saving these instruments.
Vintage Vibe continues to earn its excellent reputation as the place to go in NYC for Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinets, Hammond Leslie, and combo organs.
The Wurlitzer amplifier
Vintage Vibe starts a series of online videos teaching others to tech their pianos.

Vintage Vibe releases the first-ever after-market model 200 Wurlitzer amplifier and 200A preamplifier.
Fred Dileone designs the First Rhodes 32 note suitcase design/ fabrication as seen on
Fred DiLeone starts doing Rhodes restorations and repairs at Vintage Vibe. Vintage Vibe releases the Quadrapuss, the first of its kind multi- effects rail for Rhodes pianos. Consisting of stereo tremolo, Dyno EQ, and a small stone phase shifter.
Vintage Vibe starts heavily customizing Rhodes and Wurlitzers with custom preamplifiers, power supplies, effects, and an array of custom colored pianos.
Chris and Fred start designing and cutting wood on the first Vintage Vibe prototype piano after Restoring all three Steely Dans pianos.
Vintage Vibe has designed the smallest and lightest Rhodes piano ever made, a true evolution in weight and size reduction. While we had the design, size and weight nailed, we were still a year away from having all the parts available for full production.

Vintage Vibe manufactures our first tines for our piano.
Vintage Vibe shows the first pianos at NAMM and steals the show, Shipping the first pianos the same year.
Vintage Vibe innovates the Clavinet world with a yarn-free dampening system for the strings, making it easy for anyone to improve dampening and change strings on a Clavinet. In the same time frame, we set a Rhodes precedent in recognizing the need for proper tone bar screw and grommets relationship on Rhodes pianos, previously unrecognized.
Vintage Vibe introduces the Vibanet, a lightweight new concept in the Clavinet world. Designed a world-class preamplifier that has changed the game for Clavinet preamplifiers. All the while making improvements on Hammers and hammer tips for Rhodes and VV Pianos.
Stevie Wonder leaves digital pianos behind and starts playing Vintage Vibe Pianos and Vibanet after a discovery at NAMM.
Robert Glasper uses Vintage Vibe pianos on Black Radio 2, notably on “Calls” with Jill Scott. Follows with the tour.
Vintage Vibe works hand in hand with Chick Corea on designing the most articulate action ever performed on Rhodes pianos. Affectionately known as the “Chick Mod.”

The same year, Spectrasonics works with Vintage Vibe on the groundbreaking Keyscape, sampling our pianos for their world-class library.
Vintage Vibe steps up on online tutorials, teaching technicians and players the finer points of Rhodes work.
sets new standards for visual piano photography and website layout now widely emulated.
Vintage Vibe innovates the Chick Mod further by designing a capstan regulation screw to the key stick and advancing regulation in the piano action.
Research and Development are spent on new electronics, pickups, hammers, and key bed action for upcoming releases.
Vintage Vibe applies for a patent on our new innovative dual capstan key stick, the “Cap and Jack,” which fixes an inherent issue on all Rhodes pianos. We created the most adjustable Rhodes action ever designed. Enabling a feel in Rhodes-type pianos never felt before.

We designed a new harp brackets with zero tone bar interference, now copied by Rhodes UK.

Vintage Vibe writes a 75-plus page tutorial on properly setting up a Rhodes piano, helping all professional techs and novices correctly identify problems and how to fix them.
Vintage Vibe releases Fender Rhodes tutorial free to the public.

Vintage Vibe applies for a patent on a new adjustable pickup rail called the Variable Voice control.
Vintage Vibe introduces a revolutionary new featherweight piano! Stay tuned for the future.