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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart

About Us

Vintage Vibe takes your electric piano to places others simply cannot go.

Our Mission

Vintage Vibe is an electric piano retailer and restoration and repair shop. We draw inspiration from the classic electric pianos of the 1970’s and mix that with our own passion and experience to create a piano that looks beautiful and sounds even better. Our focus is in quality over quantity. We only work on three types of pianos – Rhodes, Wurlitzers and Clavinets – and that means we are in a position to be experts in our field. That focus along with nearly 20 years of learning, tweaking, and perfecting our craft ensures that every piano that goes out the door is of the absolute highest quality.

In addition to repairs, we are also the leading manufacturer and supplier of after-market parts for each of these three pianos to ensure that every part we use and sell meets our standard. Every piece that comes out of our shop – power supplies, reeds, pedals, keys, and tines to name a few – is of the highest quality, and having that kind of inventory means you’re not stuck waiting for your piano while a part is in the mail.

Our headquarters has been designed to ensure that every piano gets the attention and love it deserves. Before we begin assembling a piano, every piece of wood and metal that goes into it is cut and formed in our fabrication shop. Once every piece is ready, the piano is hand-assembled on our main floor. Finally, the piano moves to the tuning room where it is carefully fine-tuned and voiced.

By being hands-on in every step of the process from construction and assembly to tuning and polishing, we ensure that every piano meets our standard of excellence. Every detail matters to us because that is what our customers expect and deserve.

Our Team

We are a small team of master technicians, fabricators, and assemblers and each member of our team is driven by our love and dedication to making the finest pianos in the world. The products of our passion are on proud display in Vintage Vibe’s on‐site showroom and on concert stages across the globe.

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