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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart



I want to order some parts. What kind of piano do I have?
Click here. Look through our reference photos until you can identify your piano correctly. The Fender Rhodes Fansite and Electric Piano Forums are also great places to search.
How much does it cost to tune up my piano?
All repairs are different. What you might think it needs is probably just the tip of the ice berg; without us first seeing the instrument and discussing it with you we cannot say. Although ultimately we will perform only what you wish for. We will say that we do have a minimum charge of 250.00 for any job on a vintage keyboard. Our hourly rate is 95.00 plus parts in our shop. The average Wurlitzer or Rhodes repair is around 4-8 hours, sometimes more depending on the service it requires. This should give you an idea of what a general cost is. Refurbishing is a different story and will require much more time and thought.
Can I visit your workshop to purchase parts?
Absolutely! We ask that you contact us first so we can arrange accordingly.
When will you respond to my email?
We do our best to answer emails but due to the large volume we sometimes can't get to them all and keep our small business afloat.
I have a question, can I talk to a tech over the phone?
We generally do not accept tech questions unless they are directly related with one of our products. We do our best to provide all information necessary on related product pages and in our video series.

Custom Pianos

Is it a Rhodes or Wurlitzer?
Neither, its a made in the USA Vintage Vibe piano! It is shaped like a Wurlitzer but is a highly modified and improved Fender Rhodes.
What is the difference between Classic and Deluxe pianos?
Vintage Vibe offers two lines of hand crafted electric pianos: The Deluxe and The Classic. Both lines implement the exact same internal parts in their construction and include a set of legs, sustain pedal and sustain rod.

Our Deluxe piano features a fiberglass lid handcrafted one at a time in the USA. These custom lids are available in over 73 different gel coat finishes including exotic sparkle and solid colors. Each Deluxe and Classic line piano is crafted to the highest possible standard while leaving no stone unturned during articulation, voicing and in our final evaluation before it is deemed ready to be shipped to the customer.

Our Classic piano offers the “Classic look” featuring impact resistant, black textured ABS plastic lid that defines that classic look.
What is the weight on a Vintage Vibe piano?
Our 44 note piano weighs in at 35 lbs, 64 note piano is 53 lbs, and our 73 note piano is 60 lbs.
What are the dimensions for your pianos?
Vintage Vibe pianos are 21.5" deep and 8" high. Our 73 model is 43.5” long, 64 is 40” long and 44 is 27.6” long.
How do I tune a VVP?
Here at the shop, we simply use a strobe tuner to tune our pianos. Alternatively, you can stretch tune your piano but going forward you will be a slave to keeping up with that type of tuning. If at any point a note or two or more goes out you cannot simply tune it straight with a tuner. There is a formula to stretch tuning that must be adhered to, otherwise your piano will play out of tune. If you are not a piano tuner, this method will cost you money to keep your piano in tune. The results of stretch tuning an acoustic piano are obvious and necessary. In our opinion, stretch tuning a Vintage Vibe Piano or a Rhodes piano is neither necessary or worth the time and money. Your personal ideas may be different and that is fine and up to you how you handle your tuning.
What is the key range for your pianos?
73 Key Compass is E to E 64 is A to C 44 is F to C
Can I have MIDI installed in a Vintage Vibe Piano?
Yes, MIDI installation will cost $1800 and is available as MIDI out only.
Is the Stereo Console compatible with Classic and Deluxe pianos?
Yes, our Stereo Console will mate perfectly with any 64 or 73 note Vintage Vibe tine piano.
What is the difference between active and passive electronics?
Passive Electronics:The output level of the piano is limited to that of the piano’s magnetic pickups; there are no gain stages nor effects. The output level is comparable to that of a guitar and for most all uses will therefore need to be amplified by another device such as a preamplifier, mixing console or PA. The provided controls are also similar to those found in electric guitars. They are comprised of potentiometers and capacitors that cut frequencies from the piano’s signal which allows you to achieve limited tone sculpting. We have included controls for both the bass and treble frequencies. The volume control sets the overall output level at the mono ¼” output jack.

The passive model does not require any external power for its own function.
Active Electronics: The output level of the active model is much hotter than that of a passive model due to the onboard preamplifier. A switchable FET gain stage can impart a tube like characteristic to the tone. The eq circuit is capable of not only cutting bass and treble frequencies, but boosting them as well, which allows for expansive tone shaping possibilities. The built in tremolo circuit has controls for depth and speed and can produce a ping-pong effect when used in stereo via the ¼” left and right output jacks. As a visual indicator, an LED on the front panel pulses in time with the tremolo. In addition to the preamplifier, the active model also boasts a stereo headphone amplifier accessible by a ¼” jack.

The active model needs to be plugged into a grounded wall outlet of between 110 – 240VAC in order for the preamplifier and controls to function.
What is the lead time on a Vintage Vibe piano?

Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav Misc

How do I mate a Stage piano with a Suitcase cabinet amplifier?
1. Change the sustain dowel to a longer pin. Vintage Vibe sells them-( link)- remove the sustain guide cup. 2. Install a Vintage Vibe Stereo Vibe pre- amp ( link) add 4 or 5 pin cable to cart. 3. Place top piano on top of speaker cabinet, mark where guide cups are located, then add glides to the underside of top piano to hold in place better. 4. You may or may not want to remove your leg plates.
I ordered a reed and its not in tune. What do I do?
Wurlitzer Reeds unless pre tuned do not come in tune. Mostly they will come flat, from 1/2 note to two full notes. In which case you will file the Reed with a file or if it is very flat you can use cutters to nip or a utility blade to cut larger amounts off.

Maintain a pyramid shape to the lead, meaning smaller on top than the base. This allows for clearance through the pickup.

If you go too far and you end up sharp in pitch you will need to add solder with a soldering iron and solder.

Go slow until you get the hang of tuning reeds, check your tuning often.
The reed I ordered is not the same length as the original. Is this normal?
Since reeds are hand cut, this can be normal but more than a 1/16 of an inch could affect the over all character of the note.
I ordered a pre-tuned reed but when I put it in, it was not perfectly in tune. What do I do?
When installing reeds there is a +\- range of tuning that can be accomplished by adjusting the Reed forward or backwards when the Reed screw is loosened. At Vintage Vibe we pre tune reeds with a professional Peterson Strobe tuner. When you install the Reed push or pull the Reed until desired tune with your piano. Your piano may not be in tune with 440hz.
How do I polish the chrome legs on my Fender Rhodes / Wurlitzer piano
We recommend using some Mothers and a rag to help shine up your chrome legs.
How do I clean the tolex on my piano?
Using windex and a scrub brush will help you make the exterior of your piano shine brighter than ever!
How do I know which tool I need, an awl or a key-bushing tool?
The answer is you should have both. If you examine a slow or sluggish key and try to find out why it is being affected you will look at a couple different causes and effects.

1.Lift the hammer so there is no weight on the key, next push the key down in front by the pedestal and see how it returns. It should return freely. If it does not return freely, look at the front rail bushing and ease if necessary.

2. Now let the hammer down and lift the opposite key end up a half-inch and see how it drops, again it should drop freely. If not examine the Key pin hole or either bushings.

3. There are a total of three points you will look at- two key bushings, one on each side of key, one is under the key at the front called the front rail bushing and the other is on top of the key at it’s center, called the balance rail bushing. This red felt is what helps keeps the key in alignment with a good feel. In conjunction with the key pins a properly working bushing allows the pins to enter and leave the bushing without friction but snug enough to keep side-to-side movement to a minimum. The third is the key pinhole, which is under the center red key bushing facing down on the balance rail.

So far what I have described are points that cause friction and drag from moisture and thus sticky keys. Having the right tool is the difference between correcting an issue quickly and correctly or frustration and mutilation of your piano keys.
Do I have a Stage or Suitcase Piano?
If your piano has 4 legs and flanges, you have a stage piano. If your piano has 2 front legs and sits on top of an amplifier, you have a suitcase.

Shipping and Tracking

Why don't I have a tracking number?
If you don't have tracking there are three possibilities, your order hasn't shipped yet; the tracking didn't update when it was shipped which can be fixed and emailed again; or it has just been picked up and hasn't started hitting scan check points.
I paid for 3 Day Shipping. Why is it taking 5 days to arrive?
Shipping days are based on business days, which doesn't not include Saturday or Sunday. Any order with 3 day delivery ordered on Wednesday night will go out on Thursday and arrive on the third business day which is Monday. Please make note that holidays effect shipping days.
How can I track my order?
You can see all the important information regarding your purchase under Orders on your My Account page, including order number, payment method, shipping address and method, and tracking number.
Is international shipping free?
No, international shipping is not free. We ship with UPS WorldWide and USPS for select orders.
Why does international shipping take so long?
When an order is going to another country it is estimated to take 8-12 business days because the package goes to multiple check points as well as passing through customs to make sure the package is safe and headed in the right direction. Once through customs the delivery will be finished by your countries postal service.
Will there be customs fees when I receive my order?
It is possible that you will be charged duties or fees for an international order by customs. We do not have any control over this, nor do we have a way to predict the amount. We will not be able to put the order description as a gift to try and avoid this. For information on what causes these fees or how much they could be please contact your country's customs office.
My product arrived with damage?
Please send detailed photos of the product and the box it came in to along with your name and order number. This will help us determine if it is a shipment issue or a shop issue and we can proceed accordingly.
Can I pick up an order / piano if I'm local?
Absolutely! Please call us so we can plan accordingly.
Can I have an order shipped to a hotel?
Yes we do ship to hotels. Please provide the name of the hotel as well as you room number and the dates you will be there so we can make sure the package will make it in time.
I paid for an express shipping option, why has my order not shipped yet?

Ordering Online

The website is not working so how do I place my order?
If you are unable to place an order through our webstore, please send us an email with the list of parts you would like to order, and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours.
Is it easier to place an order over the phone or online?
We can take orders over the phone, but it is better to use our site to make sure you can see the information is correct. The order will be dropped into our timeline of orders as soon as you get your confirmation email.
How do I edit my account info?
Click “Edit My Account” under “Sign-In Email” on your My Account page. From there, you can create a new password, update your email address and change the name on your account.
How do I add/edit a credit card?
You can add a new credit card during the checkout process when you place an order. Within your account, you cannot add a new credit card or edit an existing one. You can only delete the credit cards used for previous purchases.
How do I create a password?
You create a password when you first sign up for an account. Your password needs to be a minimum of eight characters long, and include at least one number and one special character, such as !@#$%^&*()+[ ]
How do I reset my password?
Simply click “Forgot Password?” on the Login page, then enter your email in the following page, and we’ll send you instructions on how to reset your password.
Do I need an account to make a purchase?
No, you can check out as a guest at any time. Click the cart icon in the top right corner of the website. When you click “Proceed to Checkout” in your cart, you have the option of checking out as a guest or creating an account.

By creating an account, you can shop faster and more efficiently with us. We save your credit card profile and shipping information for a seamless checkout experience.
Where can I view my order history?
Right on your My Account page under Orders. Every purchase that has shipping within the U.S. is visible. (Returns, however, are not reflected.)

How do I return an order?
Follow these easy steps:
1. Contact our customer service at
2. Tell us your original order number and which item(s) you'd like to return.
3. Mail us back the item(s)
5. Once the return is received and processed, we’ll contact you to confirm that a refund has been issued. (This usually takes about 5 business days from receipt of the return.) Your return may be subject to 25% restocking fee.
Please note: The order history on your My Account page does not reflect the return status.
Will you share any of my information once I have an account?
No, we will never share your information.


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