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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart

Repair Shop

From basic restorations to unique custom builds, our veteran technicians will make your dreams come true.

Fender Rhodes • Wurlitzers • Clavinets • Hammond Organs • Leslie Speakers • Vox and Farfisa Organs

Repairs & Mods

Vintage Vibe are experts at repairing and improving Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzers and Clavinets for premium sound and play while maintaining vintage characteristics. Wit years of experience in building and rebuilding electric pianos, many errors have been encountered in old manufacturing. VV has learned to correct these mistakes for improved playability and sound.

Custom Tolex

From Fender Rhodes to piano shells, guitar amplifiers and cabinets, we can tolex pretty much anything for you the right way. The possibilities are truly endless and we are happy to help you get the exact look you want out of your electric piano. Our tolex options range from a classic black Fender style to pretty much any color imaginable. We even offer sparkle finish tolex!

Tine Restoration Services

We offer a state of the art tine cleaning service. We can bring back the luster and shine of your tines no matter how oxidized they are. Our service will also prohibit future oxidation. Our method is the best way to clean heavily oxidized or rusted tines as it works on closing in and protecting the surface of the metal.

Amp & Preamp Repairs

Electronics technicians at Vintage Vibe work on the highest level of expertise and professionalism. No amp or preamp leaves our shop without being properly tested. We are capable of repairing many amps and preamps including rare Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer Student Model Pianos.

Guitar Repairs

Vintage Vibe is now extending services to guitar and amplifier repairs, restorations and custom amplifier building. Skilled luthiers, cabinet makers and amp technicians can tackle any job from amp voicing and tone shaping to building custom finger joint cabinets. We also service guitars from basic set ups to extensive corrective repairs.

Custom Projects

We’ve done a wide range of specialty projects. From custom rebuilds to custom piano shells for digital keyboards. Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll work with you to create the instrument of your dreams.

Repairs and restoration services are offered in our shop at a rate of $110.00 an hour, plus cost of parts and tax (*if applicable). The average simple repair takes 4-8 hours. More than likely, a piano that needs restoration will need lots of love and care, which can lead to 10+ hours of work. There is a 1 hour minimum bench fee that will be utilized to assess your equipment. If we can also complete your repair during this time we will do so. Otherwise we will provide an estimate based upon the assessment. The estimate provided is not a fixed figure. The customer will be billed for the actual time and parts utilized to perform the agreed upon service(s). Should the billable amount increase beyond 20% of the estimated figure, we will notify the customer and seek authorization before proceeding with any further work.

Rhodes Repair Services

After 20 years of restorations, we have developed a way of properly and efficiently setting up and regulating a piano so that each step logically follows the next. When done in order this ensures that no step needs to be repeated, thus saving the customer money. Although we specialize in the art of restoration we understand when a customer wishes only to repair. We also appreciate that budgets vary from customer to customer and will always work to utilize the budget in a way that provides the greatest overall impact with emphasis on the customer’s established goals. When discussing your repair, we will always offer our professional opinion as to what will provide the biggest improvement within your budget and hopefully avoid repeating steps when future service is requested. To give you an idea on what a repair or restoration may entail, below is a list of common services and the average bench time for each:

Key Bed Regulation

1-3 Hours

Key Bed Modification

1 Hour

Key Dip Improvement

1-2 Hours

Key Bed Regulation

1-3 Hours

Key Bed Regulation

1-3 Hours

Key Bed Regulation

1-3 Hours

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