Our team of veteran technicians offer highest quality repair and restoration services to your electro-mechanical gem.

Electric Pianos Serviced: Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzers, Clavinets, Hammond Organs, Guitar amplifiers and more!


Repairs and restoration services are offered in our shop at a rate of $110.00 an hour, plus cost of parts and tax (if applicable).  The average simple repair takes 4-8 hours. More than likely, a piano that needs restoration will need lots of love and care, which can lead to 10+ hours of work. Generally our restorations are 15 to 25 hours.



Let Vintage Vibe help you take your classic piano to the next level! Throughout our years of experience in building and rebuilding electric pianos, we have encountered many errors in old manufacturing.  We’ve learned to correct these mistakes for improved playability and sound. We are experts at improving existing pianos for premium sound and play while maintaining vintage character and original craftsmanship.


Custom Tolex

Vintage Vibe offers a wide range of custom tolex work. From Fender Rhodes to guitar amplifier heads and cabinets, we can tolex any amp or cabinet for you the right way.  We have done tolex in all different colors and textures as well as custom fitting a Rhodes Electric Piano case to house a Nord Keyboard.  The possibilities are truly endless and we are happy to help you get the exact look you want out of your electric piano. Feel free to browse our Flickr Page to see what is possible for your piano!  Email us to discuss your project.


Tine Restoration Cleaning Service

Vintage Vibe is offering a state of the art tine cleaning service. We can bring back the luster and shine of your tines no matter how oxidized they are. Our service will also prohibit future oxidation. 

Our method is the best way to clean  heavily oxidized or rusted tines as it works on closing in and protecting the surface of the metal. Using anything that scratches the surface metal finish only opens up the pores to attract moisture and oxidation such as scotch brite. 

Note: If rust has pitted the tine cleaning will not remove pitting, but it will shine the tines everywhere like new. Turn around time is 2 weeks or less.  

Cost is $4.00 per tine. 


Amplifier Repairs

Vintage Vibe has designed a new modern line of classic amplifiers for the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer Electric Pianos and the Hohner Clavinet.  We found it absolutely necessary to revive these classic electric pianos with new amps.  As a specialized repair center, we saw nothing but the ill effects of time on these once great pianos.  

We came to a point when we realized repairing them was just not doing anyone any favors.  Now with our new line of sleek and sound amplifiers, it clearly makes sense to replace as opposed to repairing.  This brings peace of mind to us and our clients.

Guitar and Amp Repairs

Bench rate: $75.00

Vintage Vibe is now extending our services to guitar and amplifier repairs, restorations and custom amplifier building.  Our skilled luthiers, cabinet makers and amp technicians can tackle any job from amp voicing and tone shaping, designing and building custom finger joint cabinets along with tolexing and custom grill cloth of old and new amps.  We also service guitars from the most basic set ups to extensive corrective repairs. Contact us up to discuss your ideas!

Guitar repair service includes restring and tune, acoustic and electric guitar setup tuning machine replacement, acoustic bridge resets, neck adjustments, nut replacement, saddle replacement, pot replacement, wiring / shielding, and pickup replacement.

Amp and cabinet repair service includes amp voicing/shaping, re-tube and bias, replace/rewire speakers, tune ups/with prevention, restoration of vintage amplifier cabinets, wood repair and replication, custom cabinets and baffles built, tweed work with aged lacquer, expert tolex and grill cloth

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