Clavinet / Vibanet Preamp Kit

Clavinet / Vibanet Preamp Kit
Clavinet / Vibanet Preamp Kit
Clavinet / Vibanet Preamp Kit
Vintage Vibe®

Clavinet / Vibanet Preamp Kit

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Revive your Clavinet with our new ultra quiet and ultra funky preamp!

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Your tone needs a boost, seriously, we feel you.

Whether your stock preamp is on the fritz, rocker switches aren't working or you're just tired of all that noise, Vintage Vibe has the solution for you. Our new preamp kit includes everything needed to replace your old Clavinet preamp with our brand new Vintage Vibe Preamp!

The Vibanet preamplifier boasts an ultra quiet noise floor, extremely versatile 3 band fixed EQ and a killer onboard auto-wah that will take your funk to a new level.  These design improvements not only allow for easily achieving classic clavinet sounds ( without the noise) but also present a ton of new tonal opportunities. You can be sure it will inspire you and take your playing to new heights.

Available for Clavinet models C, D6 and E7.

 • Active preamplifier with an ultra quiet noise floor
• 3 band fixed EQ - Low, Mid, High
• Auto Wah Switch


The FX loop options inserts a loop into the preamp for patching effects units. The loop is pre EQ and auto-wah.

The preamplifier has a healthy output level, quite close to line level, therefore when putting effects after the preamp's output it is possible that depending on the EQ and volume settings that an effects unit could be overloaded into distortion.  The FX loop was designed and located within the circuit in order to happily interface with most effects units.

The Clavinet Model C and D6 FX Loop upgrades WILL require modification to the piano case. Before purchasing, watch the installation video in the 'Video' tab above to see if this is an installation you are comfortable with. See instructions for routing template.

This is a custom product and there will be a lead time. If you place an order for expedited shipping, we will not ship out your order until the preamp is ready. Lead time can vary week to week unless otherwise stated.

A step by step installation video can be found by clicking on the "INSTALLATION VIDEO" link found above.  A diagram of the proper PCB connections can be accessed by clicking on the "INSTRUCTIONS" link found above. There are no printable step-by-step instructions.

The Vibanet Preamp is to be powered by a 24Vdc power supply with a positive tip only! (2.1mm ID / 5.5mm OD) Attempting to power the unit with an incorrect supply may cause damage and would be considered improper usage for which we are not responsible.

What's Included

• Vibanet Preamplifier
• New cheek block
• Faceplate
• AC-DC Adapter
**You will need to plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet using the standard C13 IEC cable for your region (not included). Will work with all mains voltages around the world.

Model C and D6 kits also include
• New cheek block support and mounting hardware
• New output jack plate, jack and wiring harness
• New power supply jack plate, jack, and wiring harness
• Jack plate mounting hardware

Model E7 kit also includes
• New output jack, power supply jack and wiring harness pre-installed into replacement cheek block

B-Stock units are guaranteed to work. Units cannot be upgraded. Units are not compatible with effects loops. Sold as is. No returns.

Installation Video


Why does the volume increase when I turn on the auto-wah feature?

There is a slight level increase when the autowah circuit is engaged. This is a side effect created by the swing of the wah. During the design and testing stage we found that without a sufficiently wide swing the autowah did not get as funky as desired.  The consensus between the play testers and design team was that the level bump was a worthwhile trade off for a better wah feature.
We've asked a lot of the folks who are using the preamp out on the road about this and the feedback has unanimously been that they simply work the volume pot if they feel they need to and after a short it has become second nature to them.


Our Handmade E7 Pre amp replacement in Matte Black


Our in House Developed and Assembled D6 Replacement Pre Amp in Stained Finished Wood

Model C

Our Handmade model C Pre amp replacement Finished in White


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