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Conductive Foil Shielding with Adhesive - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Conductive Foil Shielding with Adhesive

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Remove any unwanted noise due to poor shielding with Vintage Vibe conductive foil shielding tape!



Conductive foil tape is perfect for tackling noise due to poor shielding in Clavinet, Pianet and Rhodes electric pianos, as well as guitar pickup cavities and amplifier cabinets.

Our adhesive foil is extremely easy to use; just peel and stick!  It can easily be cut to any length or shape you need.  From long strips to fully cover a Rhodes lid, small strips to patch up breaks in the tape along your harp, or even small and oddly shaped pieces to fully shield a guitar pickup cavity. And as the adhesive doesn't prevent circuit continuity there is no need to solder strips to one another. 

Also works well for EMI and RFI shielding!

Sold by the foot (strip width is 2")


Can I cut a strip in half and use it under my tone bars from end of the harp to the next?

Yes, that is a perfect way to get the most yield. You do not need a full 2 inch wide for Rhodes harps. Just make sure you purchase a strip long enough to go the full length of harp and wrap around each end to make a ground connection at the metal frame.

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