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Fender Rhodes 4 Pin Preamp Rebuild Kit


Vintage Vibe has put together a kit that includes all the parts needed to rebuild and repair most issues with a Fender Rhodes or Rhodes era Peterson Preamplifier!


This kit includes all the parts needed to rebuild and repair most issues with a Fender Rhodes or Rhodes era Peterson Preamplifier.  Peterson preamp can be identified by their 4 pin DIN socket connector and concentric potentiometers for tone and vibrato control.

If the light bulbs in your preamp are faulty, we stock replacements and also offer our LDR Retrofit Kit which uses modern circuitry to replace the bulbs altogether!  

Or, if new and improved is your thing, consider replacing your preamp with a Stereo Vibe; our drop-in replacement that boasts the same classic sound with added features and lower noise.

 Replacement Transistor Pinouts May Not Match Original. See Instructions Tab for Schematic and Transistor Pinouts

• We do not offer instructions or technical support for this item other than what is listed here. We are not responsible for damage to the product or your unit during installation. If you are not confident in your abilities to perform this type of installation you may send the unit to us for service.

Whats Included

• All Electrolytic Capacitors
• First Stage Transistors
• 2W Resistors
• Spare Diodes
• Spare Transistors


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