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Fender Rhodes Bridle Straps


Bridle straps are what hold your damper to your hammer which allow ringing of tines as well as dampening of tines. Purchase a new set today!


Bridle straps are a crucial part of a piano's dampening system. Think of them as tethers between the hammers and dampers. When the hammer swings up to hit the tine, the bridle strap pulls the damper down, allowing the tine to ring after being struck. As the key is released, the hammer falls and the damper returns to its position and stops the tine from further ringing.

By now, your electric piano is likely 40-50 years old and if the bridle straps are still original, they are probably showing some wear. As they age, bridle straps tend to stretch, tear and will eventually break. A stretched bridle strap can affect damper adjustment, causing "blocking", which often can be misdiagnosed as double striking.

Sold in packs of 10, 73 & 88.

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