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Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes Hammer Tip Kit

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Our Fender Rhodes hammer tip kits are engineered for maximum durability, sound quality and playability. Purchase a complete set today!


Vintage Vibe Vintage Series hammer tip kits make it easy to restore both the sound quality and playability of your Fender Rhodes. Our hammer tips have been engineered with exacting attention to detail and meticulously tested, ensuring unrivaled durability, maximum playability, and improved tone.

Our felt hammer tip kits include a set of tips, glue, felt hardener, an application brush and instructions. The hardener allows you to customize the hardness of the tips for optimal tone.

Neoprene hammer tips come in graduated, square, and angled styles.

Kits include the tips and super glue.

Placement Guides

Graduated Tips

Angled Tips

Square Tips

Graduated, Square, Angled Hammer Tips:

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Felt Hammer Tips: 

Kit Size Bass Mid High Mids Low Treble Treble Woodcore
73 1-26 27-45 46-50 51-53 54-61 62-73
88 1-42 43-52 - - 52-68 69-88

Install Video


I have a Piano Bass that needs new hammer tips. How should I proceed?

A bass piano utilizes the same hammer tips as the lower register of a Rhodes 73-key piano. That does not mean, however, that you should treat your instrument like other Rhodes pianos. A piano bass is intended, after all, to serve as the bass instrument in an ensemble. The type of bass tone you wish to achieve determines the tip configuration you should choose.

Our felt hammer tips are wonderful for a warm, wooly bass tone. At the opposite end of the spectrum, our graduated tips are our firmest tips and offer a sharper attack, which may or may not be desirable as a bass sound. We also offer square and angled neoprene tips that represent middle ground options, with a rounder attack than graduated tips and cleaner articulation than felt tips.

Another important factor that shapes the tone of your piano bass is how the strike line is set. Remember that the instrument was created to mimic a bass guitar. By offsetting slightly from the traditional optimal strike line, you can generate a tone more consistent with that of an actual bass.


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